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Hay´zor; Heb., “enclosed”

1 A city (modern Tell el-Qedah or Tell Waqqas) located four miles southwest of Lake Huleh and ten miles north of the Sea of Galilee. It was a major fortified Canaanite city that first figures in biblical stories of Joshua’s battles (Josh 11:6-15; Josh 12:19). According to Judg 4:2-24, Jabin’s commander, Sisera, fought Israelites under Deborah and Barak, but was defeated by them. Solomon fortified Hazor (1Kgs 9:15), but Assyria captured it under Tiglath-pileser III (ca. 745–727 BCE). 2 A city in the territory of Judah, modern el-Jebariyeh (Josh 15:23). 3 A city in the territory of Benjamin, modern Khirbet Hazzur, some four miles north and slightly west of Jerusalem (Neh 11:33).

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